For Class: A critique of Applevis on Twitter

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In this blog post I will be discussing an assignment for my Mass Communication 2035 class, where we must critique a brand’s online presence. I will be discussing AppleVis, a website that provides accessibility news and ratings for Mac and iPhone apps and devices.


I will be critiquing their Twitter, where they post updates, autopost content, etc.

Their twitter, as mentioned, consists mainly of autoposted content. This is understandable, however, because they have alot of usage of their site. It is also a good use of twitter, because people would like to know the latest, and the latest can often be found on their site.

Another way they use twitter is to mention updates that have not been added to their site, or that are seeking comment, mainly by retweeting people. This can work well, especially if the content is breaking and has not been added to the site yet, as they would like to let their readers know even if they have not had the time to post a full article.

One suggestion I would make is to be more social on twitter. It looks kind of faceless if all you do is post updates about Apple, and never weigh in with your authors’ opinions. Perhaps there could be the use of some kind of Twitter app that allows the authors to post, but still have access to the account owned by the company.

Well, that’s all for today, keep checking back for more.



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