the case of the multiplying arguments (oh no!) in dokuwiki

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Once again, I’m back with a web application related post:

This time, it’s dokuwiki. I didn’t notice it myself, perhaps because it only crops up under certain situations, but someone on my wiki told me when they saved a page, it showed up as wiki/pagedo=edit. This was strange, so I started investigating. I finally got it to be reproduceable when logging in, out, then back in again. It ended up with a link like wiki/pagedo=logoutdo=login or similar.

My first thought for this issue was my nginx config, which ended up being correct. If you’re experiencing this, and followed a guide where you rewrite something like ^/(.*)/ to /doku.php?page=$1$args, then you’re missing one small symbol: &

You need to replace that rewrite with /doku.php?page=$1&$args. Otherwise, under certain circumstances (and I still don’t know why it doesn’t happen all the time), the first argument will end up as part of the page. So page will turn into pagedo=edit, etc.

Hope this helped!


P.S. If you’re interested in the wiki I’m talking about (the one that now works properly), you can visit it here.

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